BEST EN Think Tank X

  1. The Role of Knowledge-based Networks in Sustainable Tourism 
  2. Rather Together? Network Effects among Students
  3. The Importance of Networks for Innovation in Sustainable Tourism 
  4. Climate Change Mitigation among Accommodation Providers in the South West of England
  5. Innovation of and in Informal Actor Network 
  6. How Fragile is Tourism Development in West Africa? The Case of The Gambia 
  7. Sustainability 
  8. The Impact of Climate Change on Alpine Leisure Tourism in Germany and Austria
  9. The Managing Local Tourism Master Class
  10. Establishing a Network of European Rural Villages for the Development of Sustainable Tourism 59
  11. Re-thinking Resort Growth and Governance: An Evolutionary Network Approach
  12. Drowning with Tourism? Stakeholder Perspectives from Tuvalu
  13. The Role of Face-to-face Communication and Networking to Underpin Business Development and Innovation 
  14. Sustainable Destination Management and the Marketing-Planning Gap 
  15. Sustainable Tourism Pedagogy and Student Community Collaboration 
  16. Knowledge Economies, Knowledge Making, Complexity Theory, and Networks 
  17. Implementation of the DIT-ACHIEV Model for Sustainable Tourism Destination Management
  18. Implementing Destination Governance 
  19. Is Ecotourism a Strategy for Regional Economic Development in India? 
  20. New Media for Climate Change Communication and Collaboration
  21. Indigenous Values Help Shape a Universal Tourism Ethic
  22. Agenda 21, the Internet and Globalization
  23. Sustainable Tourism Networks
  24. How is Sustainability ‘Materialised’ in Tourism? Contested Materials
  25. Cultural-Touristic Network Altenkirchen – Perspective in Development
  26. Implementing Networks of the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015

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