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List of Selected Tourism Conference 2019

2019 Dates 
Conference Title, Venue and Website
11-13 Feb Regional Studies Association (RSA) Australasia Conference 2019 – Urban and Rural Wellbeing, First Nations Economies and Global Value Chains for Regional Sustainability – Christchurch, New Zealand Website
11-14 Feb Council of Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) 2019 Conference – Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality and Events in a Disruptive Digital Age – Cairns, Australia Website
12-15 Feb 2019 International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ICEASS) – Singapore Website
13-15 Feb 21stInternational Conference on IT Applications and Management: New Developments in Hyper-tourism in the age of Digital Intelligence – Andalusia, Spain Website
14-15 Feb 6thEdition of Mediterranean Tourism Forum – Mediterranean STARS: Sustainable Tourism Actions and Renewal Strategies – St Julians, Malta Website
15-16 Feb 9thIndia International Hotel Travel and Tourism Research Conference: Food Safety, Quality and Supply-System and Certification – New Delhi, India Website
17-20 Feb Active Living Conference 2019 – Charleston, USA Website
20-23 Feb Gastronomy and Tourism: Reflections on Local Food Consumption in Urban and Rural Areas – Evora, Portugal Website 
25-27 Feb APCBSS 2019 – Asia-Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science – Fukuoka, Japan Website
27-28 Feb 14thInternational Conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences (ICEBSS) – Bali, Indonesia Website


List of Selected Tourism Conference 2020

2020 Dates 
Conference Title, Venue and Website
1-5 Apr The Power of Tourism: Contested Representations of People and Places – Chiang Mai, Thailand Website

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  1. Respected Editorial Board Member(s),

    I am an Assistant Professor at Department of Tourism & travel management, Central University of Jammu, India. I wish to get journal and conference related notifications. Plese add me in your mailing list.

    Looking forward for your consideration and approval.

    • Dr. Purrie NG says:

      Dear Editorial Board Members,

      I am the Assistant Professor of the United International College in Zhuhai. I would like to get updated information about conference and journal related information. I also feel interested to join the peer review team too.

      Thank you! Waiting for your reply!


    Am a resource manager, Gambia tourism hospitality institute


    Dear Editorial Board Members,

    I am an Associate Professor at the University of Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines. I am also currently pursuing my PhD in International Hospitality Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila, Philippines. Please send me notifications on international research conferences. If there are open or available slots for peer reviewers, I am very much interested.

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