Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2003 Applied Research Note 10

Travelers’ preferences for mobile information services

by Tsu-Hong Yen (Department of Recreation and Hospitality Management, San Jose State University), Pi-Shin Wey (Department of Information Management, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan), & Kate Sullivan (Department of Recreation and Hospitality Management, San Jose State University)

The purpose of this study was to investigate travelers’ mobile information needs and their preferred interface functions. The sample consisted of 370 students, randomly selected from a university in central Taiwan, who responded to a self-administered questionnaire. Results indicated a desire for information in regards to lodging, transportation, directions, weather, and itinerary. Respondents indicated the desired interface should be easy to use, provide on-line help, and allow customized set up. Functionally, the services provided should allow the customer to maintain easy contact with friends, provide instant localized information, and provide intelligent browse functions.

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