Volume 1 Issue 3 October 2003 Commentary 2

Tourism Ethics

by Peter E. Tarlow (Tourism & More Inc., US)

These are very trying times for people in the tourism industry. Safety and security continues to play a major role in the new travel paradigm and in people’s decision-making about where to travel. To add to the challenge, many nations around the world are facing difficult economic hurdles. In other places, the so-called recovery is occurring in a sporadic manner. It is a truism that “when the economy catches a cold, the travel industry often catches pneumonia”. During economically challenging times, there is always the temptation to cut corners, to save money, and to base decisions on the bottom-line. At times, efficiency measures make a great deal of sense. Nevertheless, if tourism is to continue to be a viable industry in the 21st century, it must find a way to produce profits without sacrificing its business ethics. Faced with all of these challenges, this year is a good time to do an ethical business review. Below is a partial list of suggestions.

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