Volume 10 Issue 3 August 2012 ENTER Conference Short Paper 3


by Malgorzata Ogonowska

This paper analyses the properties of the advanced Opaque booking systems used by online travel agencies in conjunction with their traditional transparent booking system. In section 2 an updated literature review is presented. This review underlines the interest and the specificities of Opaque goods in the Tourism Industry. It also characterises properties of the Name-Your-Own-Price channel introduced by Priceline and the Opaque channel developed by Hotwire. Then, in section 3, the possibility of joint-implementation of more than one opaque booking system by an online intermediary is discussed. Finally, in section 4, intuitions and preliminary results are presented.

Keywords: Opaque Selling, Name-Your-Own-Price, Pricing Strategies, Distribution Systems, Economics of Tourism, Online Travel Agencies, Probabilistic Goods.

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