Volume 11 Issue 5/6 May 2015 Commentary Notes 1

Chulmo Koo
The College of Hotel & Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University


SMART TOURISM RESEARCH CENTRE (STRC) KHU Center for Tourism Industry Research

Research Center Description

The Smart Tourism Research Centre (STRC) supports research to build theory and provide global trends regarding smart tourism in Korea, and other countries and regions. In doing so it tries to create a new field of inquiry and new global smart tourism awareness, recognition, competitiveness and potential to expand the boundaries of the current traditional tourism industry. The center aims to build a collaboration network between Korea, Europe, the USA, and Australia so that it can be globally recognized and conduct comparative research regarding smart tourism. While creating opportunities for publishing journal papers, it also seeks to advise countries, regions, local cities, and private companies practically in how to best implement smart tourism. The center therefore collaborates extensively with industry, destinations and governments and has received funding from the Korean Social Science Foundation (National Research Foundation of Korea Grant NRF- 2013S1A3A2043345).

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