Volume 5 Issue 3 June 2007 Applied Research Note 1

Diagnosis-Implementation-Monitor Methodology for the Development of Sustainable Competitiveness in Tourism Destinations

by Jesús Álvarez Valdés

Diagnosis-Implementation-Monitor (DIM) Methodology for the Development Keywords: competitiveness, quality, sustainability, destination management model, strategy, diagnosis, tourism clusters, cooperation, monitor, integral tourism information system The DIM methodology is a model diagnosing the sustainable competitiveness in tourism destinations on the long term. It has been developed analyzing case studies of destination management, destination management models and theory. It is based on the idea that a successful tourism destination is the result of integration of the competitive and cooperative strategy which can be achieved following the three phases of the Methodology. Some elements of the Methodology are: Analyzing the present and desired situation, applying SWOT analyses and other diagnosis tools, designing strategies, involving all the stakeholders and shareholders in the development process and a monitoring programme.

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