Volume 5 Issue 6 December 2007 Applied Research Note 1

Exploring the links between winery visitation, psychographics, and hedonism: The New Zealand case

by Abel D. Alonso (Edith Cowan University), Rick A Fraser, & David A. Cohen (Lincoln University)

As the concept of wine tourism continues to develop and gain in popularity in wine producing regions, it is also attracting the attention of an increasing number of researchers. As a result, new dimensions of the winery experience are being investigated. This study from a sample of New Zealand winery visitors explores areas related to the winery visitation that include the links of wine tourism with psychographics, hedonism and hedonic consumption. For example, the importance that alternative activities have among winery visitors when they travel to wineries is investigated. Comparisons are made between these areas and male / female as well as between domestic / international winery visitors. The overall findings confirm the importance that winery visitors place on traveling for pleasure, and the linkage of this dimension with wine and food consumption, two of respondents’ most pleasurable activities when traveling.

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