Volume 5 Issue 6 December 2007 Applied Research Note 3

The Contribution of Tourism to Employment in Germany – Assessment within a TSA Employment Module and Impact Analysis

by Gerd Ahlert (Institute of Economic Structures Research (GWS))

Tourism activities of private households and industry lead on the demand side to numerous purchases of a wide variety of goods and services. Due to its cross-sectional economic character this demand is produced on the supply side by a wide, partially very heterogeneous range of industries with very different employment characteristics (e.g. qualification, type of employment). The employment module of the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) provides a consistent framework for estimating the direct employment within the tourism characteristic industries. For Germany such a TSA employment module has been compiled, some of its results are presented in this paper. Due to the fact that the employment module only specifies the direct employment within the tourism industries the full employment impact of private tourism consumption across the whole economy has been finally estimated within two macroeconomic model calculations.

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