Volume 6 Issue 1 February 2008 Applied Research Note 1

An investigation of wine involvement among travelers in New Zealand

by Abel D. Alonso

In the last decades the construct of involvement and different measurements introduced to assess this dimension have been extensively researched. However, information on the usefulness of some involvement measurements continues to be limited in several areas. In this study, the Consumer Involvement Profile (CIP) is used to investigate wine involvement among travelers to the South Island of New Zealand from a sample of 399 individuals. Travelers’ involvement with the wine product is also studied in terms of their weekly wine consumption, winery visitation, and reasons for drinking wine. The CIP contributed to identifying the importance travelers place on winery consumption for hedonic purposes. This finding, added to respondents’ wine consumption/purchase patterns and to their mild involvement in winery visitation suggest potential opportunities for wineries and wine tourism in the form of more traveler visitation, purchases and/or consumption.

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