Volume 7 Issue 5 October 2009 Applied Research Note 1

Seasonality in tourism: A review

Jin Young Chung

Texas A&M University

Abstract: The aims of this study were to discuss negative effects of seasonality on tourism and its remedies, and also to find evidence for any positive effects of seasonality discussed in the literature. First, significant issues regarding seasonality in tourism were identified. Then, as a result of a literature review and case studies, remedies for negative effects of seasonality were included: measuring seasonal fluctuations accurately, extending peak-seasons by developing a tourism product irrelevant to seasonality, promoting pricing differentiation model, and multiple use schemes. It was also found that seasonality does not always have negative effects, and, conversely, some benefits could be obtained even during off-peak seasons. From an ecological perspective, an off-peak season could contribute to sustaining tourism, by introducing a state similar to turning off the switch for a while for preventing electronic machines from overheating

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