Volume 12 Issue 5/6 December 2015 Book Review 2

Tina Šegota
Teaching Assistant and Researcher
Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Tourism is very often viewed as either a “golden duck” or a “scapegoat”. The first expression suggests that tourism is often used for showing its economic potential when referred to as one of the largest industries in the world that brings numerous benefits to the host communities and where businesses, firms, services and workforce engage in serving tourists. It is commonly viewed as a primary source for sustainable development and well- being of communities, but also a means of personal growth for those who indulge in travelling and exploring the world outside their home environment. On the other hand, tourism it is often blamed for various negative impacts that come along with tourism development, such as environmental damage, seasonality burden, obstruction of cultural tradition and heritage, issues connected to carrying capacities etc.

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