Volume 13 Issue 1/2 March 2016 Applied Research Notes 7

Michael Pondělíček
Vice-head at Department of Regionalism College of Regional Development in Prague

Vladimíra Šilhánková
Vice-rector for Research
Head of the Department of Regionalism College of Regional Development in Prague

Adam Duchač
Research Assistant City of Hradec Králové


The paper is focused on supporting the potential geotourism development in the buffer zone of the Joachim Barrande Geopark candidate site – e.g. selected municipalities that are a part of the Barrandien geological area. These municipalities have never been investigated from the point of view of geotourism potential. The selected municipalities are being investigated for the existence of geosites as well as the existence of facilities for sustainable tourism. During the observation, it became evident that the geopark buffer zone area has plenty to offer in the way of interesting geosites, so it is, therefore, possible to attract more visitors in the geopark buffer zone as well for local inhabitants to benefit from geotourism.

Keywords: Geotourism, Joachim Barrande Geopark, geosite, infrastructure for sustainable tourism, sustainable tourism

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