Volume 15 Issue 2-3 2018 Applied Research Notes 2

Anneli Douglas
University of Pretoria

Berendien Lubbe
University of Pretoria

Adrene van Rooyen
University of Pretoria


Business travellers are increasingly using mobile devices, resulting in a need to understand who the users of this technology are and how they use it. Even though some have attempted to segment mobile travel service user groups, to date, there has been no attempt to segment business travellers in terms of their mobile travel application usage. Convenience sampling is used, and a self-administered online questionnaire completed by 232 business travellers. By means of cluster analysis four clusters are identified which share similar characteristics. The most important elements in the formation of the clusters are the type of organisation and device ownership. This research answers the call by previous researchers that further research on mobile devices should emphasise more than just the functionalities of the device.

Key words: Business travellers, business travel cycle, cluster analysis, mobile travel applications, segmentation

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