Volume 15 Issue 4-5 2018 Applied Research Notes 5

Cezalyn AML. Gomba
Middlesex University Dubai

Lynda Hyland
Middlesex University Dubai

Cody Morris Paris
Middlesex University Dubai University of Johannesburg


In 2020, Dubai will host the World Expo. Not only will the Expo 2020 draw an expected 25 million tourists, but since the announcement, it has been a focal point for progressing towards the lofty goals of the Dubai tourism vision, mobilizing people, companies, projects, and the entire country towards 2020. This particular mega-event is a crucial component of the wider branding strategy. Expo2020 has also played a significant role in the marketing communications and branding of Dubai since its announcement through multiple communication channels. The purpose of this paper is to explore tourists’ perceptions of Dubai and Expo 2020 and to understand tourists’ attitudes and perceived value of differentinformation sources and marketing channels. In doing so, this paper will provide some initial insights into understanding tourists’ perceptions and attitudes towards Dubai in relation to Expo2020.

Key words: Destination Image, Instagram, Social Media, United Arab Emirates, MICE

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