BEST EN Think Tank IX

1 Cultural values in sustainable tourism: Conflicts between indigenous culture and recreation in protected areas

2 Courchevel, an outstanding alpine ski resort at a turning point of its history: could its sustainability be questioned?

3 Tourism Relationship Model and Intermediary for Sustainable Tourism Management: Case Study of the Kiritappu Wetland Trust in Hamanaka, Hokkaido

4 The Role of Values in Sustainable Tourism Education

5 Ethical Confusion and Confusion of Ethics: Unpacking the Complexities of Tourist Photography

6 Community based sustainable tourism: Quality of life as perceived by residents in tourism destinations

7 Cross-Cultural Interaction, Capacity Building and Sustainable (Tourism) Development. Assessing values and experiences in field-based education

8 Achieving Sustainability in Business Events; Challenging the Role of Personal Values

9 Recreation Specialisation and Destination Image: A case study of Birding Tourists values and their perceptions of Papua New Guinea

10 Valuing Open Innovation Environments in Tourism Education and Research. The case of INNOTOUR

11 Sustainable Tourism Principles Reflected in Award-Winning Practices

12 Sustainable Tourism Development Plan for the Old City of Nan

13 Exploring Tourists’ Environmental Learning, Values, and Travel Experiences in Relation to Climate Change: A Postmodern Constructivist Research Agenda

14 De-constructing the Cosmopolitan Gaze

15 Developing a knowledge platform on value of parks for tourism

16 Do Chinese tourists find their in-group members more trustworthy than outgroup members in an overseas context?

17 The elusiveness of sustainability in tourism: The culture-ideology of consumerism and its implications

18 The role of values in sustaining the hospitality labour market: The case of Austria

19 Valuing water: Perceived differences in attitude and usage between permanent residents and second-home owners in an island setting

20 Tourism Price Competitiveness: a neglected ‘value’ in sustainable tourism

21 Values: Dollars, trees or feelings?

22 Using Social and Political Values to Assess Host Community Perceptions of Tourism

23 Labour Justice and Sustainable Tourism: The Centrality of Equity as a Sustainability Principle

24 Revitalizing Community Values through Railway Regeneration in the Asia Pacific Region: A Tourism Research and Education Approach

25 How to create superior value in sustainable tourism: An exploratory study

26 The West in the East: Conflict in the Values of Volunteer Tourism

27 What do sustainable tourism researchers value? An analysis of citations from the Journal of Sustainable Tourism (1999-2008)

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