ENTER 2015: Volume 6 Short Papers

ENTER 2015 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism SHORT PAPERS (FEBRUARY): (24 Articles)

Recommender System:

  • Recommending Customized Trips Based on the Combination of Travel Regions By Wolfgang Woerndl, Michael Ludwig and Daniel Herzog Download PDF
  • Exploiting Web Analytics Tracking for Bootstrapping a Case-based Recommender System By Paolo Massa, Adriano Venturini and Michela Ferron Download PDF
  • Probabilistic Modelling of Influences on Travel Decision Making By Mario Pichler, Lisa Steiner and Herta Neia Download PDF
  • Destination Web reputation: Combining explicit and implicit popularity to build an integrated monitoring system By Valeria Minghetti and Emilio Celotto Download PDF
  • The Design and Implementation of an Electronic Ticket Package System for Tourism Services By Yi-Chia Chiu, Kuo-Shu Luo, Chih-Wei Chao, Shu-Ping Lu and Chi-Hua Chen Download PDF

Tourism & Co-Creation:

  • Co-creation of a Technology enhanced Tourist Experience in the Context of a Living Lab By David Guimont and Dominic Lapointe Download PDF
  • Co-Design of eTourism Application. The Case of Ilha de Mozambique By Salomao David and Lorenzo Cantoni Download PDF
  • Co-Creating Value in Air Travel by Using Registered Traveler Biometric Systems: Development of a Conceptual Mode By Cristian Morosan Download PDF
  • The Invisible College of eTourism: A Case of ENTER Conference By Tianyu Ying and Shahab Pourfakhimi Download PDF

Online Reviews:

  • What Can We Learn From Review Data? By Julia Neidhardt, Nataliia Pobiedina and Hannes Werthner Download PDF
  • Online Travel Reviews on Mobile Applications when making travel plans: Uses and Gratifications perspectives By Luiz Mendes-Filho, Cynthia Correa and Mariam Mangueira Download PDF
  • How Does Restaurant Attribute Importance Differ by the Type of Customer and Restaurant? Exploring TripAdvisor Reviews By Hosung Timothy Lee Rhee, Sung-Byung Yang, Chulmo Koo and Namho Chun Chung Download PDF
  • Content Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews on Restaurants: A Case Study of Macau By Simon Lei and Rob Law Download PDF
  • Content-Based Discovery of Twitter Influencers. By Irma Metra and Chiara Francalanci Download PDF

Marketing/Consumer Behaviour

  • A Theoretical Model of Impulsive Buying Behaviour in Tourism Social Commerce. By Hyo Geun Song, Namho Chung and Chulmo Koo Download PDF
  • An Analysis of Consumer Search and Buying Behaviour in the US Airline Industry using Big Data. By Christopher Holland and Eleni Georghiades Download PDF
  • Communicating Tourism Sustainability Online. The Case of Victoria Falls World Heritage Site. By Maria Garbelli, Asta Adukaite and Lorenzo Cantoni Download PDF
  • ICT and Dark Tourism. By Akira Ide Download PDF
  • Instagram Marketing: A Content Analysis of Top Malaysian Restaurant Brands. By Salmalina Salleh, Noor Hazarina Hashim and Jamie Murphy Download PDF

Mobile Systems

  • How do Millennial Travellers use their Mobile Devices in a City Destination? An Empirical Evident from Switzerland By Livia Gotardi, Yves Senn, Elena Cholakova, Andreas Liebrich and Thomas Wozniak Download PDF
  • Re-visiting Tourism Information Search Process: From the Smartphone Users By Chaang-Iuan Ho, Yu-Lan Yuan, Yu-Chun Lin and Ming-Chih Chen Download PDF
  • An Investigation of Features and Functions of Smartphone Applications for Hotel Chains By Meng-Mei Chen, Stephan Knecht and Hilary Catherine Murphy Download PDF
  • Gamification in tourism: Analysis of Brazil Quest Game By Cynthia Correa and Camila Kitano Download PDF
  • Usability Study of an NFC-Enabled Static Tourist Map By Beverley Cook, Elahe Kani-Zabihi and Thomas Hughes-Roberts Download PDF

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