ENTER 2011: Volume 2 Short Papers

ENTER 2011 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism SHORT PAPER: (14 Articles)

  • Using an Immediate Approach in Researching the Tourist Experience – Sarah Quinlan Cutler, Barbara Carmichael and Sean Doherty Download PDF
  • Determinants of Organizational Technology Adoption for Travel Firms: Prospects and Challenges – Andrew J. Spencer, Dimitrios Buhalis and Miguel Moital Download PDF
  • The Importance of Stimulating Client Online Reviews – Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal, Santiago Melián-Gonzálezand Beatriz González López-Valcárcel Download PDF
  • A Classification of Presentation Forms of Travel and Tourism-Related Online Consumer Reviews – Brita Schemmann Download PDF
  • The Unexploited Benefits of Travel Planning Functionalities: a Case Study of Automatic Qualitative Market Analysis – Elena Notand Adriano Venturini Download PDF
  • Enabling co-creation of e-services through virtual worlds Thomas Kohler,Robin Teiglandand Elia Giovacchini Download PDF
  • m-Tourism 2.0: A Concept Where Mobile Tourism Meets Participatory Culture – Pedro Beça, and Rui Raposo Download PDF
  • Regional and Sub-Regional Tourist Mobility Measurement System (eGIStour) – Aurkene Alzua, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, Ibon Aranburu, Maria Peralta, and Nagore Espinosa Download PDF
  • User Preferences in Tourist Itineraries Recommendation – Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Francesco Di Tria, Maria Laterza, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano, and Filippo Tangorra Download PDF
  • The Importance of the Social Web – Implications for the Tourism Industry and for Society – Daniel Amersdorffer, Florian Bauhubera, and Jens Oellricha Download PDF
  • Scientific Communication in Tourism: Standardization of Electronic Journals – Elaine Cristina Miranda Koebsch, and Mirian Rejowski Download PDF
  • Analysis of tourist behaviour based on the tracking data collected by GPS – Oriol Bernado, Albert Bigorra,Yolanda Pérez,Alicia Orellana,Antonio P. RussoandSalvador Anton Clave Download PDF
  • Privacy Concerns in the Context of Location-Based Services for Tourism – Faiz I. Anuar, and Ulrike Gretzel Download PDF
  • An Exploratory Study on Contributions of Information and Communication Technologies to the Development of eco-cultural Tourism in Central Kazakhstan – A Guillaume Tiberghien and Vladimir Garkavenko Download PDF

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