ENTER 2017: Volume 8 Research Notes

ENTER 2017 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism RESEARCH NOTES (JANUARY): (19 Articles)

  • Emoscapes and Mirror Heritage: a New Concept of Point of Interest for Cultural Tourism 2.0 by Francesca Mighela and Flavio Tariffi Download PDF
  • Managerial Response Strategy to Online Customer Compliments: a Comparative Analysis of Indigenous-owned and International Brand Hotels in China by Chang Ma and Norman Au Download PDF
  • How Instagram Influences Visual Destination Image – a Case Study of Jordan and Costa Rica by Lyndon Nixon, Anastasia Popova and Irem Önder Download PDF
  • From Information Technology to Mobile Information Technology: Applications in Hospitality and Tourism by Sunny Sun, Rob Law, Markus Schuckert, Deniz Kucukusta and Basak Denizi Guillet Download PDF
  • Towards an ICT Roadmap for Smart Tourism Destination Based on Prospective Analysis by Josep Ivars Baidal, Marco Celdrán Bernabeu, José Mazón López and Angel Perles Ivars Download PDF
  • Augmented Reality to Enhance the Learning Experience in Cultural Heritage Tourism: An Experiential Learning Cycle Perspective by Natasha Moorhouse, M. Claudia tom Dieck and Timothy Jung Download PDF
  • Image Transfer in Corporate Sponsored Museum: The Role of Smart Technology Mediated Experience by Heejeong Han, Taehyee Um, Chulmo Koo and Namho Chung Download PDF
  • Tourism Service Portfolio for Smart Destination by Hidekazu Kasahara, Masaaki Iiyama and Michihiko Minoh Download PDF
  • The Use of New Data Analysis Techniques in Tourism: A Bibliometric Analysis in Data Mining, Big Data and Structural Equations Models by Jesús Palomo, Cristina Figueroa-Domecq, M, Dolores Flecha-Barrio and Mónica Segovia-Pérez Download PDF
  • The Value of Augmented Reality from a Business Model Perspective by Eleanor Cranmer, Timothy Jung, and M. Claudia tom Dieck Download PDF
  • A Synthesis of Unique Product Attributes for Alternative Accommodation Types by Unji Baek, Young-joo Ahn and Seul Ki Lee Download PDF
  • Exploring the Determinants of Strategic Revenue Management with Idiosyncratic Room Rate Variations by Soohyang Noh, Hee-Chan Lee and Seul Ki Lee Download PDF
  • Robots in Hospitality and Tourism: A Research Agenda by Jamie Murphy ,Charles F. Hofacker and Ulrike Gretzel Download PDF
  • An Innovative Virtual Method for Providing eTourism Education in a University Network: eTourism Curriculum Finland by Juho Pesonen, Outi Kähkönen, Päivi-Hanni-Vaara, Mikael Viitasaari, Tarja Kupiainen, Alexandre Kostov and Johanna Heinonen Download PDF
  • Smart Glass Adoption in Smart Tourism Destination: A Conceptual Model by Pooyan Sedarati and Aarash Baktash Download PDF
  • A Tourism Model Shift for Historic Cities: Valorising the Musical Heritage through ICT by Anna Michael and Costas Boletsis Download PDF
  • User Generated Video Reviews by Hotel Guests by Jonathan Turco, Chris Gibbs and Deborah Fels Download PDF
  • Three Modes of Internet Connectivity during Travel: Remote, Transit and Residential by Michelangelo Magasic and Ulrike Gretzel Download PDF
  • Technology Adoption by Tourism Operators in Australia and Brazil: An Institutional Theory Perspective by Ulrike Gretzel, Luiz Mendes Filho, Márcia Lobianco, Marisol Alonso Vazquez and Nina Mistilis Download PDF

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