Volume 10, Issue 2: ENTER Special Issue

ENTER 2012 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism SPECIAL ISSUE (MAY): (11 Articles)

  • Improving Tourism Information Search and Retrieval – Sonia Bilbao And Jesús Herrero
 Download PDF
  • Usability Evaluation to an Elearning Course Presenting A Regional Destination. The Case of “Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist” – Nadzeya Kalbaska, Angelina Jovic & Lorenzo Cantoni Download PDF
  • A Lexicon Based Sentiment Analysis Retrieval System for Tourism Domain – Aitor García, Sean Gaines And Maria Teresa Linaza
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  • Does the Localisation of Cultural Markers Affect User’s Destination Image? – Francisco Tigre Moura, Kenneth R Deans, And Juergen Gnoth
 Download PDF
  • A Taxanomy of Mobile Applications in Tourism – Heather Kennedy-Eden And Ulrike Gretzel
 Download PDF
  • Challenges and Potential of the Semantic Web for Tourism – Nina Mistilis And Dimitrios Buhalis Download PDF
  • A Knowledge Supply Chain: Reenginnering Etourism Curriculum Design – Fu Jing, Nopasit Chakpitak & Paul Goldsmith
 Download PDF
  • Overview of Smartphone Augmented Reality Applications for Tourism – Zornitza Yovcheva, Dimitrios Buhalis & Christos Gatzidis Download PDF
  • Social Media Channel Segmentation Of Tourists – Juho Pesonen Download PDF
  • Mesh-T: An On-Going Project on Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Technologies in Tourism – Rui Raposo, Pedro Beça, Cátia Figueiredo & Helder Santos Download PDF
  • The Effects of Localising Cultural Values on Tourism Destination Websites on Tourist’s Willingness to Travel- Francisco Tigre Moura, Juergen Gnoth, And Kenneth R Deans Download PDF

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