ENTER 2014: Volume 5 Research Notes

ENTER 2014 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism RESEARCH NOTES (JANUARY): (20 Articles)

  • The Multiple Effects of Review Attributes on Hotel Choice Decisions: A Conjoint Analysis Study – Hilary Catherine Murphy and Meng-Mei Chen Download PDF
  • Effects of Emotions on Consumer Behavior during Online Service Purchasing – Yoshimi Kunieda Download PDF
  • NFC-enabled City Maps Measuring their Perceived Value – Emre Ronay and Roman Egger Download PDF
  • The Relationship between Hotel Financial Performance, IT Spending and IT “Value” – Hilary Catherine Murphy Download PDF
  • Mobile Marketing of the Brazilian Tourist Board: Case Study of Brazil Mobile Application – Cynthia Corrêa Download PDF
  • A First Approach to Measuring the Impact of Changes in Online Reviews on Hotel Room Prices – Igor Ibarguren, Ibai Roman, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, and Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal Download PDF
  • The Use of ICTs for Knowledge Management in Visitor Information Centres: A Pilot Study – Felicité Fairer-Wessels Download PDF
  • Challenges, Function Changing of Government and Enterprises in Chinese Smart Tourism – Wei Zhu, Lingyun Zhang and Nao Li Download PDF
  • A Theoretical Model of Augmented Reality Acceptance – M. Claudia Leue, Dario tom Dieck, and Timothy Jung Download PDF
  • An Investigation of Hotels’ Facebook Page Promotion – Shanshan Qi, Carrel N. T. Ieong, and Simon Lei Download PDF
  • Augmented Reality (AR) in Urban Heritage Tourism – Timothy Jung and Dai-In Han Download PDF
  • Organizational Factors Driving Technology Non-Adoption in Australian Tour Operators – Ulrike Gretzel, Heather Kennedy-Eden, and Nina Mistilis Download PDF
  • Collaborative Information Searching in Travel Context: A literature Review – Yulan Yuan and Chang-Iuan Ho Download PDF
  • Location Based Transmedia Storytelling in Social Media – Peter’s TravelPlot Porto Case Study – Soraia Ferreira, Artur Pimenta Alves, and Célia Quico Download PDF
  • Usability Requirements for Accessible Tourism Systems – Eleni (Elina) Michopoulou and Dimitrios Buhalis Download PDF
  • Tourism Destination Web Monitor: Beyond Web Analytics – Aurkene Alzua, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, and Fidel Rebón Download PDF
  • The Potential of Destination Websites to Link Tourism to Local Food in Vanuatu – Marta Garcia-Gonzalez, Evangeline Singh and Simon Milne Download PDF
  • An Agent-Based Simulation Model of Visitor Behaviours for China Tourism Attractions – Nao Li, Dimitrios Buhalis, Xiangjie Qiao, Wei Zhu, and Lingyun Zhang Download PDF
  • The Paradigm of Mobile Software Agent in Tourism Applications – Massimo Morellato Download PDF
  • Towards a “Digital CultHeriScape” – The Changing of the Cultural Landscape’s Perception – Marco Trisciuoglio and Wenwei Yu Download PDF


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