ENTER 2013: Volume 4 Short Papers

ENTER 2013 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism SHORT PAPER (JANUARY): (19 Articles)

  • Characteristics and Experience of Macau Visitors Booking Hotels Online: Leisure and Business Travellers Compared – Shanshan Qi, Rob Law and Dimitrios Buhalis Download PDF
  • Application of the LBS and GIS Integration in tourism – a case study with Chinese perspectives – Mu Zhang, Yang Yang, Yinchun Lyu Download PDF
  • Planning a vacation using social media: Influences of demographic, psychographic, and trip-related characteristics – Anja Simms and Ulrike Gretzel Download PDF
  • The search for and purchasing of an airline ticket – Ogaga Udjoa, Berendien Lubbea, and Anneli Douglasa Download PDF
  • An investigation on the Acceptance of Facebook by Travellers for Travel Planning – Nina Enter and Eleni Michopoulou Download PDF
  • Negotiating technology use to make vacations special – Heather Kennedy-Eden, Ulrike Gretzel and Nina Mistilis Download PDF
  • TTR Tirol Tourism Research: Applying the Usability Engineering Life Cycle to a Knowledge Platform – Anita Zehrer, Birgit Frischhut, and Klaus Schwarzenberger Download PDF
  • Early adoption by Canadian travellers of Monarc.ca, an online hotel review website designed as an inter-organisational information system – François Bédarda and Hakim Tabeta Download PDF
  • Measurement of the hotel Average Daily Rate using Internet Distribution Systems – Ibai Romana, Igor Ibargurena, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitiaa, and Emilio Torres-Manzanerab Download PDF
  • Where Is The Semantic Web? – An Overview of the Use of Embeddable Semantics in Austria – Wilhelm Loibl Download PDF
  • Tourism Streams and Mobility in Uusimaa Region in Southern Finland – Jarmo Ritalahtia and Annika Konttinenb Download PDF
  • Social Media Marketing in Selected UK Luxury Hotels – Mandy Claudia Leue, Timothy Jung, and Tim Knowles Download PDF
  • Impact of Tech Savviness and Impulsiveness on the Mobile Information Search Behaviour of Young Travellers – Ipshita Dewan and Pierre Benckendorff Download PDF
  • Information and communication in museum visits supported by user participation through mobile technologies: the mesh-t app – Pedro Beçaa, Rui Raposoa, Cátia Figueiredoa and Filipa Martinsa Download PDF
  • Evaluating the usability of a mobile tourist guide: the mesh-t outdoor mobile application – Filipa Martinsa, Cátia Figueiredoa, Rui Raposoa and Pedro Beçaa Download PDF
  • Measuring the Web reputation impact of events: preliminary evidence from a city brand listening project – Leonardo Brunia Chiara Francalancia Paolo Giacomazzia Download PDF
  • eFitness of DMO Websites – Still more to go – Michael Duerra, Nicole Künga, Roland Scheggb and Brtigitte Stanglc Download PDF
  • Application of the LBS and GIS Integration in tourism – a case study with Chinese perspectives – Mu Zhang, Yang Yang, Yinchun Lyu Download PDF
  • A Navigation-log based Web Mining Application to Profile the Interests of Users Accessing the Web of Bidasoa Turismo – Olatz Arbelaitz, Ibai Gurrutxaga, Aizea Lojo, Javier Muguerza, Jesús M. Pérez and Iñigo Perona Download PDF

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