ENTER 2016: Volume 7 Research Notes

ENTER 2016 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism RESEARCH NOTES (FEBRUARY): (20 Articles)

  • Concerns of Integrated Resort Customers: Content Analysis of Reviews on TripAdvisor by Yongshi Huang, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong and Rob Law Download PDF
  • Community-Based Tourism and ICT: Insights from Malaysia by Siew Wei Gan, Alessandro Inversini and Isabella Rega Download PDF
  • Expanding Typologies of Tourists’ Spatio-temporal Activities Using the Sequence Alignment Method by Junya Kawase and Fumiko Ito Download PDF
  • Managing Negative Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) from The Perspective of Luxury Hotel Managers by Yi-Fan Chen, Rob Law and Ka Kui Yan Download PDF
  • Are Sun Lovers nervous? by Amra Delic, Julia Neidhardt and Hannes Werthner Download PDF
  • Did the Lufthansa Group GDS Surcharge Stimulate Direct Online Sales? A Causal Analysis by Hinnerk Gnutzmann and Piotr Śpiewanowski Download PDF
  • Behavior of Online Visitors to Hotel ICON: A Weekday-weekend Analysis by Rosanna Leung, Rob Law, Lorenzo Masiero and Richard Hatter Download PDF
  • How to Develop and Evaluate an eTourism MOOC: An Experience in Progress by Jingjing Lin, Nadzeya Kalbaska and Lorenzo Cantoni Download PDF
  • The Role of ICT in Tourism Education: A Case Study of South African Secondary Schools by Asta Adukaite, Izak Van Zyl and Lorenzo Cantoni Download PDF
  • Utilizing open data in tourism through open innovation by Juho Pesonen and Mikko Lampi Download PDF
  • Examining the Role of Social Media within the Destination Marketing Framework Designed by Pike and Page 2014 by Dean Creevey Download PDF
  • An Exploration of User-Driven Assessments of Travel Enhancing Apps by Lidija Lalicic and Christian Weismayer Download PDF
  • Mobile Device Use and Festivals: The Role of Habit by Christine Van Winkle, Jill Bueddefeld, Kelly MacKay and Elizabeth Halpenny Download PDF
  • Student Preferences for Social Media Source Characteristics by Lavender Shu and Pierre Benckendorff Download PDF
  • Value of Augmented Reality to Enhance the Visitor Experience: A Case Study of Manchester Jewish Museum by M. Claudia Tom Dieck and Timothy Jung Download PDF
  • Digital Marketing and Food Tourism: Towards a Better Understanding of Food Tourists’ Engagement by Joanna Kempiak, Lynsey Hollywood, Peter Bolan and Audrey Gilmore Download PDF
  • Digital Tourist Gaze and Mega Events by Alessandro Inversini, Manuela De Carlo and Isabella Rega Download PDF
  • The Quantified Traveller: Implications for Designing Tourism Systems by Yeongbae Choe and Daniel R. Fesenmaier Download PDF
  • Italian flagship museums, web presence and mobile-friendliness by Luisa Mich and Roberto Peretta Download PDF
  • Gender and Instagram Hashtags: A Study of #Malaysianfood by Ye Zhang, Fakhri Baghirov, Hazarina Hashim and Jamie Murphy Download PDF

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