ENTER 2018: Volume 9 Research Notes

ENTER 2018 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism RESEARCH NOTES (JANUARY): (16 Articles)

  • Overreliance on Mobile Payment Solutions for Purchasing Air Tickets in China by Rob Law, Yu Fai Chan and Dimitrios Buhalis Download PDF
  • Time-Varying Browsing Behavior of Hotel Website Users by Rob Law, Elise Wong, Dimitrios Buhalis and Richard Hatter Download PDF
  • Exploring Tourist Experiences of Virtual Reality in a Rural Destination: A Place Attachment Theory Perspective by Christos Pantelidis, M. Claudia tom Dieck, Timothy Jung, and Amanda Miller Download PDF
  • Destination Image through Digital Photography. Instagram as a Data Collector for UGC Analysis by Fabiana Baumann, Maria Sofia Lopes and Paulo Lourenço Download PDF
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Tourism Experience: Can Serotonin become a measurement for tourism experience? by Xuan Tran, Ha Tran, and Tram Tran Download PDF
  • Co-Authorship Analysis of Social Media Research in Tourism and Hospitality by Fuad Mehraliyev, Youngjoon Choi, and Mehmet Ali Koseoglu Download PDF
  • Engaging Festival Audience through Social Media by Van Winkle, C., Bueddefeld, J., MacKay, K. and Halpenny, E. Download PDF
  • Forecasting London Museum Visitors using Google Trends Data by Ekaterina Volchek, Haiyan Song, Rob Law and Dimitrios Buhalis Download PDF
  • Research Agenda for Analysing Online Climate and Weather Information in the Process of Vacation Planning by Elena Marchiori, Miriam Scaglione, Roland Schegg, and Lorenzo CantoniDownload PDF
  • Assessing the Usefulness of Online Image Annotation Services for Destination Image Measurement by Lyndon Nixon Download PDF
  • Gamification in Tourism Advertising: Game Mechanics and Practices by Ye (Sandy) Shen and Marion Joppe Download PDF
  • Analysis of Schema.org Usage in the Tourism Domain by Boran Taylan Balcı, Umutcan Şimşek, Elias Kärle and Dieter Fensel Download PDF
  • Now We Are Talking! Flexible and Open Goal-Oriented Dialogue Systems for Accessing Touristic Services by Umutcan Şimşek and Dieter Fensel Download PDF
  • Defining Tourism Domains for Semantic Annotation of Web Content by Oleksandra Panasiuk, Elias Kärle, Umutcan Simsek and Dieter Fensel Download PDF
  • Designing Location-based Augmented Reality Games for Urban Tourism: A Conceptual Framework by Jessika Weber and Janet Dickinson Download PDF
  • Users’ Engagement and Drivers in Music Festivals’ Virtual Communities. A methodological proposal to understand the Case of Sonar, Primavera Sound and BAM Festivals in Barcelona by Lluís Garay and Soledad Morales Download PDF

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