ENTER 2010: Volume 1 Short Papers

ENTER 2010 Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism SHORT PAPERS: (22 Articles)

Tracking Technologies in Tourism Research, Management & Planning

  • Experience Tracking – Evaluating Methods for Studying Experiences in Time and Space – Malin Zillinger Download PDF
  • Approaches to GPS survey of tourist movements within a North Sea island destination – Niels C. Nielsen, Henrik Harder, Nerius Tradisauskas, Bodil Stilling-Blichfeldt Download PDF
  • Understanding tourist behaviour in wide areas using GPS technologies – Andrea Bruno jr, Emanuela Gasca, Stefania Mauro, Giuseppe Pollichino, Sara Levi Sacerdotti, Fabrizio Stupino Download PDF
  • Direct observation as a methodology for effectively defining tourist behaviour – Núria Galí, José Antonio Donaire Download PDF

Mobile Tourism Services

  • End-user involvement in opportunity detection for new mobile tourism services: new approaches from post-modern psychology – Toni Miranda, Marc Pifarre, Francesc Miralles Download PDF
  • My Italy: Design and usability evaluation of an M-Tourism prototype – Massimiliano Dibitonto, Carlo Maria Medaglia Download PDF
  • Challenges and Success Criteria for Mobile Services in Tourism – Klaus Rechert Download PDF
  • The use of portable interactive guides to enhance tourist experience – Carlo Tognoni Download PDF

Destination Marketing & Website Evaluation

  • Blog success factors: opportunities for destination marketing – Serena Volo Download PDF
  • Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Profile in the Use of Portal Destination Management Systems – François Bédard, Thaddée Biegala, Reda M. Khomsi Download PDF
  • A marketing-led web site evaluation framework – Philip Alford Download PDF
  • Testing Silver Surfers – Peter Mirski, Aleksander Groth, Teresa Zangerl, Clint Leahr Download PDF

Decision Support

  • A Reputation-based DSS: the INTEREST Approach – Donato Barbagallo, Saverio Bruno, Cinzia Cappiello, Chiara Francalanci, Maristella Matera, Lorenzo Radice Download PDF
  • Supporting Users in Organizing their Vacation Before, During and After the Travel – Elena Not, Adriano Venturini Download PDF
  • MediaTurDownloader: a tourist assistant tool – Roig M. Francesca, Pérez Cristina, Bibiloni Antoni, Palmer Pere Download PDF
  • Using films to promote cities through advanced location-based mobile experiences – Linaza Maria Teresa, Sarasua Cristina, Jorge Elisabeth, Diez Gorka, Mella Giuseppe, Zarotti Anna Download PDF
  • Mobile Apps and Tourist Information in situ: Opportunities for the Semantic Web –  Ingvar Tjostheim, Knut Holmqvist Download PDF

ICT Adoption & Use

  • Free and Open Source Software Adoption Framework for Swiss Small and Medium Sized Tourist Enterprises – Sanjay Chib, France Cheong Download PDF
  • ICT Adoption by Rural Accommodation: A Preliminary Study of Scotland – Sofia Reino, Andrew J. Frew, Carlos Albacete-Sae Download PDF
  • The use of ICTs as an alternative to business travel: the scenario of South Africa – Anneli Douglas, Berendien Lubbe Download PDF
  • Information and communication technologies: Kazakhstan travel market perspective – Vladimir Garkavenko, Guillaume Tiberghien, Sveta Surnina, Dilbar Gimranova Download PDF
  • Designing Usable, Yet Secure User Authentication Service: The Cognitive Dimension – Ahmed Seffah, Christina Braz, Pierre Poirrier Download PDF

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