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Pause for New Submissions

Due to the overwhelming number of new paper submissions this past 18 months and submissions currently under review , the e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR) is currently working through a very large backlog of submissions. As a completely volunteer, open access, and not-for-profit journal, the continuation of global COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated challenges of working through the backlog of submissions.

As a result, no further new submissions for eRTR will be considered for 6 months starting July 1st, 2021, which may be extended. Please note that all papers previously submitted will be desk reviewed (and sent to peer review) in the order in which they were received. Given the high number of submissions, this will cause significant delay in most cases. We appreciate the support of all of the reviewers and editors.

We ask authors to please be patient, as we are doing our best to ensure that your papers received in-depth and helpful reviews.
If any authors prefer to withdraw their submissions, please do email

Thank you for the continued support of eRTR.
Dr Cody Paris
Middlesex University Dubai

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