BEST EN Think Tank VII

1 Social Responsibility and Innovation on Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism: Morphing of Practice into Sustainable Tourism Policies?

2 Innovation in Tourism Education: Building the Capacity to Lead 183

3 Outfitting and Guiding as Sustainable Tourism 237

4 There’s No Such Thing as Sustainable Tourism: Innovation through Challenging Assumptions 185

5 Getting Fit to Innovate: TUI’s InnOlympics 221

6 Tourism Resource Teams: Innovation with and for tourism communities 167

7 Volunteer Tourism: Sustainable Innovation in Tourism, or just “Pettin’ the Critters”? 364

8 Innovative Technologies in Travel and Tourism – Towards a More Balanced Triple Bottom Line 169

9 Innovations in Volunteer Tourism: A Case Study of Fundraising Adventure Tours 260

10 Learning as Prerequisite for Innovations in Tourism – Sustainable Tourism Development in the North Sea Region 248

11 The New World of Travel 2.0: Application of Social Software in the Travel and Tourism Industry, and in Teaching a Sustainable Tourism Course 206

12 Barriers to Innovation in Hospitality Provision: Towards a reorientation of theory and practice 273

13 The Uptake of Innovation in Tourism Organisations: Barriers and Facilitators 204

14 Thematic Analysis of Sustainable Tourism and the Triple Bottom Line 203

15 Rural Adventure Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship 287

16 The Community of Communicators and the Communication of Sustainable Development Management to Visitors of a National Park 169

17 Branding Sustainability: Taking ‘The Natural Step’ in Whistler 213

18 Web 2.0, Tourist Activated Networks and Sustainability in Destination Management 150

19 Destination and Enterprise Management for a Tourism Future 154

20 A Community of Heroes

21 The Practical Application of Sustainable Tourism Development Principles: A Case Study of Creating Innovative Place-making Tourism Strategies 109

22 Envisioning Sustainable Tourism Futures: An Evaluation of the Futures Wheel Method 146

23 Environmentally Sustainable Practices of Victorian Tourism Enterprises 166

24 Tourist Perceptions of Environmentally Friendly Innovations 162

25 Practical Interpretations of a Dynamic Model of Sustainable Tourism

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