Volume 16 Issue 2-3 2019 Applied Research Notes 4

Marianna Sigala
University of South Australia

Martina Toni
University of Roma Tre

Maria Francesca Renzi
University of Roma Tre

Laura Di Pietro
University of Roma Tre

Roberta Guglielmetti Mugion
University of Roma Tre


Gamification has been studied in various contexts, but not in P2P platforms. Research has also overemphasised the benefits of gamification ignoring its boundaries and counterproductive impacts. This study addresses these gaps by using Airbnb as a case study for investigating the application and (negative and positive) impacts of gamification on hosts’ motivation and behaviour. Secondary data were used for examining the funware design of Airbnb, while gamification theory is reviewed for designing a qualitative study with Airbnb hosts for investigating their perceptions and reactions to the Airbnb funware design.
Key words: Gamification; Funware; P2P platforms; tourism; mechanics; impacts SIDS,

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