Volume 13 Issue 3/4 May 2016 Book Review 1

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
Full Professor, Management and Marketing Department, Faculty of Business Studies
Huelva University (Spain)


Like any work devoted to anticipating the future, this one raises high expectations. In a more and more volatile, uncertain world of business, which is complex and ambiguous, those expectations are necessarily very high just by reading the title of this book: all the strategists are eager to receive and interpret even weak signals about the new directions reshaping the future of their own businesses. To be able to respond and capably adapt, managers usually build possible scenarios, with a higher or lower likelihood of occurrence and level of impact, and this book provides many valuable indications about how the current hyper-connected business world is moving. Some of them can affect it in the long run, but others are already clearly acting, such as demographic trends in motion.

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