Volume 2 Issue 6 December 2004 Applied Research Note 3

The Use of the Internet for Hospitality and Travel-related Activities

by Sunny Ham (Hospitality and Tourism Management, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky)

The purpose of the study was to address the use of the Internet by consumers when searching for information and purchasing products and services in the travel and tourism industry. It identifies which sector(s) consumers are using the Internet for, and why they use the sites they choose. A survey (response rate was 37.9%) was conducted using a telephone interviewing system for the data collection. It found that hotel and motel sites are used most often, with respondents searching for information, savings and convenience as the motivating factors for purchasing these services through the Internet. The study concludes with future research suggestions for attracting consumers to the e-travel/tourism sites. In addition, the research identifies ways to better serve consumers and lists the products and services e-consumers are looking for from the hospitality and travel/tourism industry.

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