Volume 3 Issue 3 June 2005 Applied Research Note 3

Report on the B.E.S.T. Education Network Think Tank IV

by Janne J. Liburd (International Tourism and Leisure Management, University of Southern Denmark)

The annual B.E.S.T. Education Network think tanks bring together educators, researchers, consultants and practitioners from the tourism industry. Sharing their topical knowledge and experience, these are incorporated into the design of various topic curriculum modules on sustainable tourism for use in university curricula worldwide so that future managers will have the skill and knowledge needed to manage tourism in a sustainable manner. This conference report on the fourth B.E.S.T. Education Network Think Tank, entitled Sustainability and Mass Destinations: Challenges and Possibilities addresses the actualization of sustainable travel and tourism though knowledge creation and dissemination, which also reflect the main missions of the network. The objective to develop curricula content for incorporating sustainability into short teaching modules is outlined. A review of the keynotes, research papers and framing sessions on Facilities Management and Triple Bottom Line reporting are included to illustrate the process and use of the nominal grouping technique

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