Volume 7 Issue 3 June 2009 Applied Research Note 1

Tourism and Crime in European Nations

Xuan Van Tran and F. Stephen Bridges

The University of West Florida

Abstract: The goal of this study is to examine the effects of tourism on the rate of crime against persons while controlling for the degree of urbanization, the rate of unemployment, and the region of nations in Europe. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses were conducted using data from 46 European nations for the years 2000 to 2004. An increase in rates of foreign tourist arrivals predicts a decrease in rates of crimes against persons committed by males or females. This finding is consistent with previous reports (Messner and Rosenfield, 2001; Levantis and Gani, 2000; Tran, Philipp, and Bridges, 2008). Lower rates of crimes against persons and higher rates of crimes against property might be the products of tourism.

Key words: Tourism, Crime

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