Volume 8 Issue 4 August 2010 Applied Research Note 2

R. Geoffrey Lacher
Clemson University
Rich Harrill
University of South Carolina

An Importance-Performance Analysis of Activities in a 3S Resort Destination

Abstract: Recent studies have suggested that consumer demand for coastal tourism may be changing to incorporate a wider variety of activities including more adventurous and/or authentic experiences. This study analyzes the results of a survey of tourists departing a 3S destination using an importance performance analysis methodology to examine the importance of nontraditional 3S activities (safaris, sightseeing in cities, guided tours, etc) compared to more traditional activities (swimming, snorkeling, water sports, etc) and to provide suggestions for improving the tourism product. Results indicate that nontraditional activities are much less important than the traditional activities. Additionally, suggestions for improving the tourism experiences are made.

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