Volume 8 Issue 6 2010: Applied Research Note 1

David Matarrita-Cascante
Texas A&M University



Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, has transformed itself into a popular and well-visited tourism destination. For many, this country is an example to follow because of its successful tourism development strategies. While much has been written about Cos-ta Rica‟s tourism efforts, the literature that exists is scattered and lacks schematization. The purposes of this article is to 1) serve as an introduction to the current special edition of tourism in Costa Rica, and 2) summarize the country‟s tourism history and trends to provide a clearer understanding of what Costa Rica has done and is doing to promote its tourism development. The paper notes tourism related policies that aided the develop-ment of the industry. However, this article also directs the attention to the different strat-egies pursued by the country that indirectly benefited tourism development in Costa Rica.

Keywords:  Costa Rica, tourism history, tourism trends

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