Volume 8 Issue 6 2010: Applied Research Note 3

Ronald Cargo
Coasts and Mountains Adventures



The objective of this paper is to share the efforts that a small nation like Costa Rica has made to keep the great reputation earned throughout the years about conservation and sustainability by training its tour guides -among other professionals involved in the tourism industry. Tour guides provide an interpretation of the environment, culture, landscapes, and nature of the country while at the same time being agents of change in a world that is more aware of the necessity to change human habits for a better planet. A brief introduction to Costa Rica‟s wealth, the resources used in the tourism industry, and the tour guide certification program will be discussed in this paper.

In a synthesis the objectives of this work are: a) to present the educational process required for obtaining a tour guides‟ license in Costa Rica, b) to suggest the importance of displaying a professional performance when guiding or leading trips.

Keywords:  tour guide, certification, sustainability, Costa Rica.

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