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The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

  International Journal of Casino Business (IJCB)

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Chief Editoherine H Price, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Managing Editor

Babu P George, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Call for Papers

Casino gaming is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. In some countries and destination areas, casinos constitute the central point of tourism activity where as in many others casinos are a peripheral attraction.

Casino business is a complex endeavour involving the convergence of many disparate processes, often cutting across multiple industries. Despite the immense importance of casino business for the economic development of regions and its potential negative socio-cultural impacts upon the various stakeholder groups, academic researchers, traditionally, seemed to have shied away from this area of inquiry. Similarly, management and marketing issues in the casino business have been naively assumed to be very generic in nature and such neglect of the industry nuances has adversely affected management development efforts for the industry. Absence of a rigorous theoretical framework for the casino business has negatively impacted various academic programs in the field, too.

The University of Southern Mississippi is a pioneering institution in the USA in developing and delivering academic programs in the area of casino business and bringing out the International Journal of Casino Business (IJCB) is the next logical step for us in the process of excellence.

Authors are encouraged to contribute to the journal on any topic associated with the casino business. Some of the key topics suggested include, but not limited to:

  • Casino consumer behaviour
  • Casino gaming models
  • Casino business strategies
  • Casino regulatory issues in different national cultural contexts
  • Casino business during the current economic downturn
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in casino business
  • Strategies for casino business
  • Online casinos
  • Casino impacts upon various stakeholder groups
  • Casinos in the third world
  • Human resource issues in the casino industry
  • The casino servicescape design
  • Addiction to gaming and cure
  • Interfaces of casinos with related businesses such as tourism and hospitality
  • Quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty in the casino business
  • Financial management in casino business
  • Globalization of casino business
  • Issues and trends in casino research


Notes for Intending Authors
The manuscripts considered for publication in IJCB are classified into four major sections: Primary Research Articles, Viewpoint Articles, Reviews, and Forthcoming Events.

Under the first section, research involving primary data collection and analysis will be considered. The second section contains academic debates on issues of contemporary relevance. Here, the authors are free to bring in personal viewpoints, provided those are sufficiently supported by literary evidence or learned opinion. The third section provides authors opportunities for publishing reviews of recently published books and journals related to casino business. Critical reviews of deliberations held during events like seminars and workshops may also be included under this section. The final section provides individuals and organizations a forum publicizing casino business related academic events to be held in the near future.

All primary research articles are refereed through double blind peer review process. All other types of contributions submitted for inclusion in the journal shall be judged by the Managing Editor in consultation with the Executive Editor and any other available member(s) of the editorial board. The review process might normally take 4-12 weeks.

IJCB has a panel of reviewers who review the manuscripts as a voluntary service to the fraternity. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication in IJCB shall make its authors eligible to become a reviewer in the future. The reviews will be carried out keeping in view the generally accepted academic ethics.

Frequency of Publication: IJCB will be published biannually

Submission Style
Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the latest APA style sheet. If an author wishes to submit a manuscript that has been already prepared in another style, he or she may do so. However, if the manuscript is conditionally accepted, the author is fully responsible for retyping it in the correct style, within the given deadline.

For all primary research articles, manuscript titles, author names, corresponding affiliations, and complete mailing address should be included on a separate page. Please include the telephone number and the e-mail address for the designated corresponding author.

The author(s) have to provide an abstract of up to 300 words. It should contain an abbreviated representation of the content of the manuscript. Supply 3 to 5 keywords suitable for indexing, too.

The text should be typed with double space in the MS Word or any compatible software. Images supplied should be in greyscale and should be editable using a generic program like MS Paint.

Submission Address
Manuscripts may be submitted electronically as an email attachment to the Editorial Office at with a copy to with the subject line “IJCB-Corresponding Author Name”.

Submission to IJCB means that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere. Upon acceptance, the authors must submit a copyright transfer form which essentially means that the copyright of the published work remains with IJCB. However, authors can freely use their works for classroom instruction and related purposes. IJCB normally permits authors to re-publish their works in edited books if prior permission is taken and proper acknowledgements made. Each author is eligible to get free downloadable access to the electronic version of the volume of the journal in which his or her manuscript has appeared on condition that such access will not be shared with others.

Although efforts will be made by the publisher to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement appears in IJCB, the data and opinions appearing in the articles and advertisements in it will be the sole responsibility of the contributors or advertisers concerned. Accordingly, the publisher shall accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement. Likewise, the contributors will be solely responsible to ensure that existing copyrights are not violated.

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