BEST Education Network Think Tank VIII

1 An Assessment of Efforts to Enhance the Quality of Life in Mordogan: A Case Study

2 Will the Advent of a More Responsible Type of Tourism Lead to the Convergence of Today’s Highly Diversified Tourist Offers?

3 Tourism for Marginal Groups: Tourism as a Livelihood Strategy in an Indigenous Community in Taiwan

4 Integrating Sustainability into Tourism Education and Training in Ireland: Current Reality and Future Actions

5 Resident Support for Sustainable Tourism Policies in Two Turkish Communities

6 A Conceptual Ex Ante Framework for the Strategic Study of Social Utility of Sport Events

7 Managing Work/Life Balance Issues: An Examination of HR Practices Within a New Zealand International Hotel

8 Assessing Whose Quality of Life: A Critical Examination of the Benefits of Travel for Tourists

9 Tourism Professionals’ Attitudes towards Climate Change and their Strategies to Respond to Global Warming

10 Tourism Acting as a Factor of Integration: The Case of Right-wing Extremism and Crime in the Former GDR

11 Enhancing the Quality of Life through Cultural Events: The Case of the Danish Wadden Sea Festival

12 A Tool for Improving the Sustainability of Tourism Industries

13 Shared Playgrounds: Contrasting Visitor Perspectives on Tourism Precincts in Cities

14 Tourism-led Amenity Migration and the Transformation of Place: Issues of Affordable Housing

15 Moving from Destination Marketing to Destination Management: Exploring the Meaning of Sustainable Destination Management

16 Linking Tourist Satisfaction to Happiness and Quality of Life

17 Destination Competitiveness and Policy Making for Poverty Reduction

18 A Framework for Work-Life Balance Practices in the Tourism Industry

19 The Influence of Tourism on the Subjective Wellbeing of Host Communities

20 Lifestyle Oriented Small Tourism [LOST] Firms in the Ferguson Valley, Western Australia

21 Sustaining through Gastronomy: The Case of Slow Food Movement in Slovenia, its Impacts on Socio-cultural Environments and Tourism Development

22 Education’s Impact on Cultural Distance Perception: The Case of Turkish Service Providers and European Guests

23 Emerging Green Tourists: Their Behaviours and Attitudes

24 Challenging Wellbeing: The Impediments of Tourism

25 Employment of the Disabled Workforce in the Hospitality Industry

26 Environmental Education and Ecotourism: A Case Study of Protected Areas in the Alps

27 Responding to Climate Change in Australian Resort Hotels: Setting a Research Agenda for Water, Energy and Waste Management

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