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List of Selected Tourism Conference 2018

2018 Dates 
Conference Title, Venue and Website
 1-2 Feb  5th International Congress on Technology – Engineering & Science – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Website
 2-3 Feb  2nd International Conference on Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Hospitality – Bohol, Philippines Website
2-5 Feb  3rd International Conference on Postdisciplinary Approaches – Knowledge as Disobedience, Expression and Creativity, Auckland, New Zealand Website
5-8 Feb  Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) 2018 Conference – Newcastle, Australia Website
6-8 Feb  3rd International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management (2018 ISSSM) – Osaka, Japan Website
9-11 Feb  1st International Conference on Halal Tourism: Towards Greater Understanding and New Ventures – Bali, Indonesia Website
11-14 Feb  Active Living Research Conference 2018 – Banff Canada Website
12-13 Feb  83rd Tourism Sciences Society of Korea (TOSOK) International Tourism Conference – Incheon, South Korea Website
15-16 Feb  ATLAS SIG Dark Tourism Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands Website
15-16 Feb  1st International Congress on Desert Economy: Tourism and Economic Integration in Africa – Dakhla, Morocco Website
16-17 Feb  8th India International Hotel, Travel & Tourism Research Conference: Examining and Debating Trends, Challenges and Issues – New Delhi, India Website
21-22 Feb  2nd International Workshop on: Regeneration, Enterprise, Sport and Tourism (REST) – Liverpool, England Website
21-23 Feb  Gastronomy and Tourism Research Group Meeting Website
22-24 Feb  ICEASS 2018 – The 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences – Bangkok, Thailand Website
23-24 Feb  5th International Conference on Sustainable Destination Excellence – Jammu, India Website
1-2 Mar  Southeastern, Central and South America Federation 2018 Conference – Knoxville, USA Website
1-2 Mar  1st Biennial International Conference Historical Cities 3.0 – Krakow, Poland Website
1-3 Mar  World Luxury Destinations – Bangkok, Thailand Website
4-6 Mar  Critical Tourism Studies – Asia Pacific Inaugural Biennial Conference – “Recentering Critical Tourism Studies” – Yogyakarta, Indonesia Website
11-14 Mar  Tourism Intelligence Forum (T-Forum) Conference 2018 – Palma de Mallorca, Spain Website
14-17 Mar  Global Conference on Hospitality, Tourism, Event and Leisure Management (HOTEL) – North Miami, Florida, USA Website
15-17 Mar  International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Setting Agenda for Future Research – Shillong, India Website
16-18 Mar  6th International Conference on Tourism, Transport, and Logistics (ICTTL) – Niagara Falls, Canada Website
17-18 Mar  International Conference on Marketing and Tourism (MAT2018) – Bangkok, Thailand Website
17-18 Mar  1st Global Conference Food and Drink in the 21st Century – Lisbon, Portugal Website
20-21 Mar  Cultural Heritage, Social Cohesion and Place Attachment – Budapest, Hungary Website
22-23 Mar  1st International Conference on Tourism Research 2018 – Jyvaskyla, Finland Website
25-27 Mar  2018 Southeastern Recreation Research (SERR) – Athens, Georgia, USA Website
27-28 Mar  Academy of International Hospitality Research Spring Conference 2018 – Hospitableness Outside of the Box: Slavery and Liberation in Hotels – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Website
27-29 Mar  2018 ICBASS: The 6th International Conference on Business and Social Science – Kyoto, Japan Website
27-29 Mar  Nexus of Migration and Tourism: Creating Social Sustainability – Macao, China Website
28-30 Mar  Europe and the World: Mobilities, Values and Citizenship – Chicago, USA Website
28-31 Mar  2018 Popular Culture Association (PCA) National Conference – Indianapolis, USA Website
29-31 Mar  International Conference on Accessible Adventure (ICAA) 2018 – Pokhara, Nepal Website
3-4 Apr  III International Conference Urban e-Planning – Lisbon, Portugal Website
5-6 Apr  17th Global Business Research Conference – Tokyo, Japan Website
5-7 Apr  Sacred Sites/Sacred Stories: Global Perspectives – Canberra, Australia Website
6-8 Apr  30th International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) – San Francisco/Oakland Bay, USA Website
8-10 Apr  2018 National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium (NERR) – Annapolis, Maryland, USA Website
10-11 Apr  10th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition & Workshop (IWINETC) – Budapest, Hungary Website
10-14 Apr  American Association of Geographers (AAG) 2018 Conference – New Orleans, USA Website
12-13 Apr  ATLAS Cultural Tourism Research Group Expert Meeting – Barcelona, Spain Website
12-14 Apr  Asia Pacific Conference on Business & Social Sciences (APCBSS 2018) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Website
13-14 Apr  The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries – Almaty, Kazakhstan Website
13-14 Apr  Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Tourism Studies 2018 (MCETS 2018) – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Website
16-19 Apr  5th Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places – Corfu, Greece Website
18-20 Apr  Exploring the Future of Travel – Seattle, USA Website
20-22 Apr  5th International Conference on Tourism: Theory, Current Issues and Research (ICTTR) – Antalya, Turkey Website
23-25 Apr  2018 Southeast States Chapter of Travel and Tourism Research Association (SeTTRA) Annual Conference & Tourism Research Symposium – Myrtle Beach, USA Website
24-25 Apr 10th International Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences – Lombok, Indonesia Website
24-26 Apr  9ièmes Sustainable Tourism Scientific Days – Hayward, California, USA Website
24-26 Apr  Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) 2018 European Chapter Conference – Tourism: A Vehicle for Sustainable Development – Ljubljana, Slovenia Website
25-27 Apr  Migrant Identities, Working Lives and Social Embeddedness – Lincoln, England Website
26-28 Apr  6th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (ISBASS 2018) – Macau, China Website
1-3 May  2018 ICSSAM – The 6th International Conference on Social Science and Management – Sapporo, Japan Website
2-4 May  2018 British Columbia Tourism Educators Conference – Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Website
2-4 May  8th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism – Vienna, Austria Website
16-18 May  Tourism & Sustainable Development – Kathmandu, Nepal Website
16-18 May  Tourism Naturally Conference – Zell am See – Kaprun, Austria Website
17-18 May  Building Bridges to Sustainability: Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy and Sport – Canary Islands, Spain Website
17-18 May  International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on African Studies Inaugural Conference: What is Africa’s Response on Global Challenges: Understanding Drivers of Poverty and Reducing Inequality? – Windhoek, Namibia Website
22-24 May  4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Social Sciences & Management – Shanghai, China Website
22-25 May  27th Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) Annual Conference – Bournemouth, England Website
23-24 May  Medical Travel Summit 2018 – Athens, Greece Website
23-24 May  International Conference on Trends in Tourism Research, Hospitality and Social Sciences (TRHS-MAY-2018) – Bangkok, Thailand Website
25-26 May  TOURAVEL ’18 / V. International Tourism, Travel and Leisure Conference – Istanbul, Turkey Website
26-28 May  22nd International Joint World Cultural Tourism Conference: Tourism – A Whole New World of Culture and Tourism – Bangkok, Thailand Website
29-31 May  2018 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Website
29 May-1 Jun 47th European Marketing Annual Conference – Glasgow, Scotland – Glasgow, Scotland Website
31 May-2 Jun  The 16th Asia-Pacific CHRIE Conference 2018 – Guangzhou, China Website
1-3 Jun  Tourism, Materiality, Representation and ‘the Large’ – London, England Website
3-6 Jun  TEFI10 Knowing with Nature – The Future of Tourism Education in the Anthropocene – Lapland, Finland Website
4-6 Jun  Practical Geography and XXI Century Challenges – Moscow, Russia Website
4-8 Jun  Global Conference on Hospitality, Tourism, Event and Leisure Management (HOTEL) – Sarasota, Florida, USA Website
5-7 Jun  International Conference on Social Science and Management (ICSSM 2018) – Chiang Mai, Thailand Website
7-8 Jun  Gran Canaria Spring Symposium on Challenges in Tourism Development (SSTD 2018) – Canary Islands, Spain Website
7-9 Jun  2018 Asia Tourism Forum: Tourism in the Global Era – Angers, France Website
7-9 Jun  CREATOUR 2nd International Conference Emerging and Future Trends in Creative Tourism – Braga, Portugal Website
11-14 Jun  14th Annual International Conference on Tourism – Athens, Greece Website
12-15 Jun  6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development – Granada, Spain Website
12-15 Jun  JADT 2018 – 14th International Conference on the Statistical Analysis of Textual Data – Rome, Italy Website
13-15 Jun  4th Advances in Destination Management (ADM 2018) – St Gallen, Switzerland Website
14-15 Jun  International Academic Research Conference on Tourism, Management and Innovation Research (TMIR-June-2018) – Hong Kong, China Website
14-16 Jun  6th Quantitative Approaches in Tourism Economics and Management (QATEM) Workshop – Punaauia, Tahiti Website
15-16 Jun  Fifteenth International Scientific Conference: Tourism – Research, Development and Education – Sofia, Bulgaria Website
16-18 Jun  14th International Small Island Cultures (ISIC) Conference – New Directions in Island Studies – Tatihou Island, Normandy, France Website
18-19 Jun  Olympic Games: State of the Art – Marne-la-Vallée Paris, France Website
 18-19 Jun  The Evolving Smart Tourism Landscape – Organisational Priorities and Possibilities – Waterford, Ireland Website
 19-21 Jun  Equine Cultures in Transition – Human-Horse Relationships in Work and Play: Interspecies Encounters in Business, Tourism and Beyond – Leeds, England Website
 19-21 Jun  Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques – Livorno, Italy Website
 19-22 Jun  BEST EN Think Tank XVIII: Marketing of Sustainable Tourism Products – Lucerne, Switzerland Website
 20-23 Jun  European Academy of Management (EURAM): Research in Action – Accelerating Knowledge Creation in Management – Reykjavik, Iceland Website
 21-22 Jun  4th International AR & VR Conference 2018: The Power of AR & VR for Business – Manchester, England Website
 22-25 Jun  2018 Marketing in Asia Group (MAG) Scholar Conference in Business, Marketing & Tourism – Advancing Marketing and Tourism in the Digital Economy – Kuching, Malaysia Website
 22-28 Jun  International Polar Tourism Research Network 6th International conference – “Creative Forces in Polar Regions: Tourism, Culture, Innovation, and Change” – Yukon Territory, Canada Website
 25-27 Jun  Fifth International Conference on Climate, Tourism and Recreation (CCTR 2018) – Umea, Sweden Website
 25-29 Jun  8th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference (AHTMM) – Bangkok, Thailand Website
 26-28 Jun  Tourism Hospitality & Events in a Changing World – Buxton, England Website
 26-28 Jun  2018 TTRA Annual International Conference – Miami, USA Website
27-29 Jun  2018 International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Management Conference (BREFM) – Okinawa, Japan Website 
 27-30 Jun  World Conference on Business and Management (WCBM) 2018 – Jeju, South Korea Website 
 27-30 Jun  Emerging Tourism Destinations: Working Towards Balanced Tourism Development – Kavala, Greece Website
 27-30 Jun  10th International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference – Santiago, Galicia, Spain Website
28-30 Jun  5th International Conference “Exploring Smart Tourism: The Cultural and Sustainable Synergies” – Athens, Greece Website
 2-4 Jul  Critical Hospitality Studies Symposium II – Auckland, New Zealand Website
3-6 Jul  24th Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) Annual Conference – Boracay, Philippines Website
 4-5 Jul  Events Education & Research: Coming of Age, AEME 15th Events Management Educators Forum – Leeds, England Website 
 5-6 Jul  Sacred Journeys 5th Global Conference – Berlin, Germany Website
 10-12 Jul  Leisure Studies Association Conference – Bath, England Website
 10-12 Jul  The 5th Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences (2018 ASMSS) – Tokyo, Japan Website
 10-13 Jul  43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference – Leipzig, Germany Website
 10-13 Jul  Global Events Congress 2018 (8th GEC) – Warsaw, Poland Website
 15-16 Jul  2018 International Social Marketing Conference – Singapore Website
 15-20 Jul  17th International Conference of Historical Geographers 2018 – Warsaw, Poland Website 
 15-21 Jul  XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology – RC50 International Tourism – Toronto, Canada Website
 16-20 Jul  Mobilities of Disaster: Tourism and Disaster in Anthropological Investigation – Florianopolis, Brazil Website
 24-28 Jul  5th Global Conference on Economic Geography 2018 – Cologne, Germany Website
 25-27 Jul  2018 Annual ICHRIE Conference – Palm Springs, USA Website
 26-29 Jul  2018 Global Marketing Conference – Tokyo, Japan Website
 2-5 Aug  Tourism Geographies – Pre IGU-Regional Conference Meeting – Quebec, Canada Website
 6-10 Aug  2018 International Geographical Union Regional Conference “Appreciating Difference” – Quebec, Canada Website
 6-10 Aug  7th International Tourism Studies Association Conference – Tshwane, South Africa Website
 7-8 Aug  International Conference on Future of the Past: Tourism and Cultural Heritage in Asia – Kyoto, Japan Website
 7-9 Aug  2018 ICSSB: The 7th International Conference on Social Science and Business – Guam, USA Website
 8-10 Aug  2018 International Conference on Business, Information, Tourism, and Economics (BITE 2018) – Bangkok, Thailand Website
 10-13 Aug  Academic Conference on Transport, Tourism and Sport Science (AC-TTSS 2018) – Prague, Czech Republic Website
 15-18 Aug  Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2018 – Shanghai, China Website
 20-24 Aug  Critical Tourism Studies North America (CTSNA) II: Critical Connectivities and Caring Communities across Borders – Kamloops, Canada Website
 22-24 Aug  2018 International Conference on Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management (HTSM) – Tokyo, Japan Website
 26-30 Aug  International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST) 68th Conference – Treviso, Italy Website
 28-30 Aug  2018 International Conference on Business and Social Science (ICBSS) – Singapore Website
28 Aug – 1 Sep  Royal Geographical Society with IBG 2018 Annual Conference – Cardiff, Wales Website
1-6  Sep  Association of Critical Heritage Studies, 4th Biennial Conference – Heritage Across Borders – Hangzhou, China Website
3-7  Sep UArctic Congress – Oulu & Helsinki, Finland Website
 5-7 Sep  New Challenges of Tourism in Heritage Contexts – Oaxaca De Juarez, Mexico Website
6-8 Sep  ENTRENOVA (Enterprise Research Innovation Conference) – Split, Croatia Website
 10-12 Sep  2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Management and Business (APCMB) – Fukuoka, Japan Website
 12-15 Sep  12th EISA Pan-European Conference on International Relations – Prague, Czech Republic Website
 20-21 Sep  8th International Conference on Tourism Management & Related Issues – Prague, Czech Republic Website
24-26 Sep  27th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research – Tourism Implications and Dilemmas – Alta, Norway Website
 25-27 Sep  National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) 2018 Annual Conference – Indianapolis, USA Website
 26-29 Sep  Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS) Annual Conference 2018 – Destination Dynamics – Copenhagen, Denmark Website
 26-29 Sep  Islands, Resources, Tourism, and Society Sustainable Development under Globalization and Urbanization – Zhoushan, China Website
27-29 Sep The Second International Congress on Future of Tourism: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Futourism 2018) – Mersin, Turkey Website
1-5 Oct  Indigenous Communities, Indigenous Spaces -Tradition and Change in a Globalising World – Pongdo no Tao, Taiwan Website
2-5 Oct  Global Conference on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Research (GLOSEARCH 2018) – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Website
3-5 Oct  The 11th Tourism Outlook Conference: Heritage Tourism beyond Borders and Civilizations – Eskişehir, Turkey Website
4-5 Oct  Eighth International Conference on Food Studies – Vancouver, Canada Website
7-9 Oct  International Tourism Security Summit (ITSS) – Jerusalam, Israel Website
8-10 Oct  Tomorrow’s Food Travel (TFT) Conference – Gothenburg, Sweden Website
25-26 Oct  Wildlife Tourism Values and Challenges: Balancing the Needs of Wildlife, Tourists, Operators and Residents – Launceston & Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia Website
28-31 Oct  Wildlife Tourism Values and Challenges: Balancing the Needs of Wildlife, Tourists, Operators and Residents – Launceston & Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia Website
11-13 Nov  8th International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality between China and Spain (ICTCHS 2018) – Guangzhou, China Website
13-15 Nov  2018 APSSC – The 6th Asia-Pacific Social Science Conference – Bangkok, Thailand Website
15-17 Nov  Rurality, Ruralism and Rural Tourism – International Conference – Delhi, India Website
22-23 Nov  Smart Tourism Congress – Barcelona, Spain Website
27-29 Nov   6th Annual Conference on Management and Social Science (ACMASS) 2018 – Osaka, Japan Website
26 Nov – 1 Dec  Culture in Urban Space – Macau China
2-4 Dec  The 7th World Business Ethics Forum – Macau, China Website
3-4 Dec  International Conference on Tourism and Retail Management – Macau, China Website
5-7 Dec  International Place Branding Association Third Annual Conference – Macau, China Website
11-13 Dec  2019 Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) Conference – Queenstown, New Zealand Website 


List of Selected Tourism Conference 2019


2019 Dates 
Conference Title, Venue and Website
 8-10 Jan  International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences – Taipei, Taiwan Website
 11-13 Dec 2019 Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) Conference – Queenstown, New Zealand Website

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