Volume 15 Issue 4-5 2018 Applied Research Notes 7

Yung-Ping Tseng
National Chi Nan University


The present study examined the Newhomeland Foundation (NF) which was focused on community reconstruction following the Jiji Earthquake. In recent years, the NF transitioned into a social enterprise by adopting the concepts of community education to transform a small village into an eco-destination focusing on butterflies, frogs, and fireflies. This research integrates the old marketing dominant logic and social enterprise for verification. Therefore,we analyzed the NF to test and validate the hypothetical “servicescape (SS)–co-creation experience (CE)–experiential value (EV)–service performance (SP)” model. A total of 181 NF volunteers were recruited as survey respondents. Partial-least-square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was adopted. The findings of our study revealed that by participating in the activities arranged by the NF, the volunteers resonated with the ideologies of the foundation and acknowledged its persistence in preserving the land. Through the interaction with the NF, the volunteers also identified the value created by the social enterprise and the concepts it has endeavored to deliver.

Key words: Experiential Value, Servicescape, Newhomeland Foundation, Service Quality

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